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Frequently Asked Questions

The hair finishers were created to let the wires even more beautiful and looks "so I woke up." Among them are the cream, mousse, the Leave-in, the cuticle, the Curls Activator, Keratin, Argan Oil and Serum. All these finishers give apecto well treated to hair and an extra forcinha the Shampoo and conditioner in the category healthy appearance, as the dream of 11 in 10 women is to have good hair care, shiny, frizz or split ends.

The serum is a generic silicone, an oil that repairs the ends temporarily and adds shine. It is ideal for all hair types. Spray twice in the lengths and ends of dry yarn. Do not pass on the hair before you brush.

The Leave-In This is a cream to comb without rinsing. To know which one to use, the important thing to note is mainly the needs of each hair. Today we leave-in conditioner for all hair types, whether colored, dry, bulky, chemically treated ... As to the application, its manner of use may vary. Normally the leave-in is applied in hair still damp, and no need to rinse , then combing the wires as usual. But it is very important to note what each manufacturer recommends in its application.

No, because it does not have ink. The Black Mask are designed to go leaving your hair blacker gradually, in other words the more you use, the darker your hair will stay. The frequency of use that will make your hair turned darker.